david foster – just for a moment

We laugh until we had to cry
And we love right down to our last goodbye
We were the best,
I think we’ll ever be
Just you and me
For just a moment

We chase that dream we never found
And sometimes we let one another down
But the love we made,
Made everything alright
We shone so bright
For just a moment

Time goes on,
People touch and they’re gone
And you and I will never love again
Like we did then

Someday when we both reminisce
(We both say) We both say
There wasn’t too much we missed
And through the tears
(And through the tears)
The smile when we recall
We had it all
For just a moment

Time goes on… Ahh…
People touch and then they’re gone
But you and I will never really end
Will never love again…
Like we did then

We laugh until we had to cry
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Home Depot 11:72 Prank Call

Jared prank calls a Home Depot as Barney. WilliamFNC who was watching live, was sending Jared random words to say during the prank. It gets pretty interesting.


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Gmod Hide and Seek Fun – Dog Edition! (Garry’s Mod Funny Moments)

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Outro: “Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]” by Bunnymajs

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▶ Loki Laufeyson | Funny Moments [humor]

Best of Loki Laufeyson ! Funny moments and quotes of this epic character :)). I hope you’ll like it! Watch in HD [720p] and don’t forget : feedback is ♥ :))

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• Fandom: The Avengers, Thor 2011, deleted scenes from Thor and The Avengers
• Characters: Loki Laufeyson, Thor Odinson
• Music: Get ready for this (2unlimited)
• Program: Sony Vegas pro 12
• coloring: xXWhisperOfDreamsXx (Tina)
• Watermark: Jazzibalkan (Jasmina)

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Best Funny Video Clips # 1 Funny Fails Funny Animals Funny Pranks & Jokes

Best Funny Video Clips # 1 mixed by Playandfun – Funny Fails Funny Animals Funny Pranks & Jokes ★Subscribe My Channel for more Funny & Hot Videos !!!
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